Centre for Maritime Law

The National Law University Odisha, Cuttack (NLUO) established the Centre for Maritime Law in 2015 with an aim to build a center of excellence and research in the field of maritime law in India.

The Centre identifies first and foremost, that the statutes which govern maritime law were adapted from foreign states and these statutes don’t address the concerns pertaining to the field appropriately, as the Indian trade practices are relatively different from those foreign states. Also, under the Indian maritime law regime, there has been a lack of timely amendments and proper implementation and hence most of the laws are outdated and are not equipped to deal with modern complications. The Centre is currently working on Indian statutes, case laws, international treaties and conventions pertaining to maritime law and seeks to crystallize the current maritime jurisprudence in India.

Recently, the Centre in collaboration with 6th Bose & Mitra & Co. International Maritime Arbitration Moot Court Competition, 2019 organized a Panel
Discussion on Maritime Law. Eminent personalities like Capt. Ashok Mahapatra (Retd. Director, Maritime Safety Division, International Maritime Organization) and Senior Advocate V.J. Mathew (Chairman, Kerela State Maritime Board) had pitched thier view on Emerging Regime of Maritime Law in India. Many students accross India, especailly from various national law schools and regional law colleges participated in it. The Panel Discussion was a great success in its entirety.