Organising Committee

Mr. Pallab Das, Faculty Advisor

He has completed his LLM from Swansea University, The United Kingdom on an International Excellence Scholarship, 2015 with specialization in International Commercial and Maritime Law

Divyanshu Jain, Convenor

I have been associated with the Centre for the past three years. To be honest, when I decided to sit for the interview of the Centre that was not particularly out of interest in maritime law but was to make myself busy and to explore a different area of law. However, working with the Centre I realised how interesting it becomes to study maritime law once you are done with the basics.

The Centre was conceptualised with the aim to establish it as one of the most prominent hub of maritime education and research. In pursuance of the same, the Centre has conducted a wide array of research on various International Conventions, Indian legislations and case laws and have come to a realisation that the Indian maritime jurisprudence is still at a nascent stage and there is a lot that still needs to be done and thus with the International Conference on Maritime Law, 2020 we seek to contribute to the Indian maritime jurisprudence. Also, through this Conference we aim to provide a platform for academic discourse and expect this conference to be a medium for craving out practical solutions for the contemporary complexities that the maritime industry as a whole is facing.

Divyansh Nayar, Co-Convenor

Martime Law as a subject facinates me and this area of law is still less explored in our country. Since last 2 years I have been working with the centre and have contributed in research and publications in the field of Maritime law. 

The centre has achieved a lot since last two years and recently we have conducted the National Maritime Law essay competition. We have also started our blog and a newsletter “Marine” which would definitely highlight the recent developments in the field of Maritime Law.  We’ve already started receiving a very positive response from law students, scholars and academicians from across the country in lieu of the conference. We definitely believe that this conference would provide a platform for discussion to various people working in the Maritime and the legal field to participate in further growth of the industry.

Harsha Tiwari, Secretary

Arth Singhar, Treasurer

CML Members

Anamika, Amit Chawla, Avni Sharma, Kartikey Bhalotia, Nimisha Shrivastava, Parul Pradhan, Prajna Das Mahapatra, Risabh Tiwari, Sandeep Golani, Shashank Chaturvedi, Toshika Soni.

Core Committee for the Conference

Aditya Rathore, Akshita Singh, Anuj Jain, Ayush Sharma, Jewel Bathija, Parag Singhal, Shivanjali Bhaleroa, Ayushi Hatwal, Shreyosi Roy, Sourav Pattnaik, Varun Litoriya, Rishank Tiwari, Archit Chakravorty, Aniket Kanhua, Harshit Bishen, Prakhar Mishra, Mohit Meena, Ashutosh