The Blog

The Centre for Maritime Law, National Law University Odisha has taken an initiative to create a blog exclusively for the study and research about the Maritime Laws and the growing shipping industry in India. The Indian Maritime Industry is growing at a fast rate and it has been predicted to be one of the most important contributors to the Indian economy in the times to come. 

The Centre through this blog intends to provide with the latest developments in the Indian Maritime industry as well as the recent updates about the admiralty law in India. The blog exists as a specialist research and professional platform in order to support and promote research and teaching of the highest standard in international shipping and trade law. The blog intends to act as an outlet not only for the Centre but also for the legal community and viewers of the blog as a whole willing to express their views and interests on important or trending maritime legal issues.

The blog will feature insights from various industry experts, professionals, academicians involved in maritime legal industry and the students of law. The views and opinions expressed in the blog will help in the growth of maritime legal sector as well as aide the industry to deepen its understanding of international trade, commercial admiralty and shipping issues. 

Disclaimer: Such opinions expressed by the authors to the blog shall not be deemed to be the official policy or position of National Law University Odisha.